Sunday, January 8, 2012

Juice Feast ~ Day 1

I decided just jump in and start my Juice Feast today. I feel ill equipped as I still have some reading to do - but I have been preparing for almost two weeks by reading and gathering supplies. I will continue to do that as my feast is in progress...I hope there aren't too many surprises along the way. :-)

I have been feeling crumby and "bloated" recently and this morning, couldn't take it any more. So I gathered whatever produce I had in the fridge to start juicing. It consisted of left over salad from Shabbat dinner and added items. IT's ON! I am running to Kroger to get produce to last me until Wednesday when I should be getting a bulk produce order in.

Breakfast Juice - 1 quart
carrot, tomato, celery, apple, romain

Dinner Juice - 1 pint
kale, scallion, granny smith, ginger, cucumber

I just wasn't hungry today. I had some water, but not lots. I was surprised how little I need to sustain me today. I learned a couple things:

1. A little scallion goes a LONG way in juice...I put two in a pint and it was way too spicy. It overpowered everything else, even the ginger! It was like drinking green onion juice. I won't be making that mix again! :-)

2. I might need to strain my juice. My morning juice was a bit too chunky and foamy for my liking. I resolved to strain it through a jelly bag. I had heard of people using "nutmilk bags" to do this but a jelly bag is what I had on hand with a handy stand. (So it worked nicely!) My second juice of the day was a much better texture than the first.... just too oniony! :-)

The kids are very inquisitive and intrigued! Ben is supportive but looking at me kinda funny. I think he is concerned with how this might effect him and his favorite foods. :-)

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  1. Wow this is an interesting journey you have undertaken Pamela. I will be reading along to see how it goes. Well done for starting often that's the hardest part!! Luv Donna