Thursday, February 16, 2012

Breaking my Juice Fast

This is the third day of breaking my Juice Feast and all is going well. I started with soaked prunes as directed and juicing for my first two days. I am passing my new solids well, so I moved forward and started eating fresh juicy fruit and kalamata olives. ( I think I was suppose to wait until today for the olives though...but they just sounded so good!) Now I am going to have salads, fruit and olives today. I have also had a couple things that weren't protocal. Lst night I had some homemade tomato soup and this morning I had some collard greens sauteed with garlic. Things seem to be going well. But it does seem weird to to really feel the food go through my body! It is interesting how it is has made me more sensitive to the inner working of my body (and I thought I WAS in tune with it). So that is just another benefit that I am thankful for, in my juice fast. :-)

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  1. :0) YAY for being in tune.... homemade tomato soup sounds lovely!