Friday, January 13, 2012

Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead

Last night Ben and I watched a GREAT documentary on Juice Fasting and health. I highly recommend it! Here is the trailer (which doesn't do it justice). It is also something the children would enjoy I think. It has animated interludes through out the film and is appropriate for family.


  1. I meant to ask if you had seen this! My husband and 18 yr old daughter did this for one month! (We just didn't have the cash for all of us to do it!) They loved it and loved all the recipes from the FS&ND sight. We were jealous of all their "gourmet meals"! My daughter, Laura, still probably eats this way 70% of the time. She had gallbladder problems, but doesnt if she eats mostly vegetables. Isn't it just an amazing film!!???

  2. I am so glad you mentioned that. My DH got the Green Machine Recipe for me while he was sittig at the computer, but I had not thought to look and see if they had other recipes. They have a blog connected to that site which is PACKED with very sophicated recipes! YUMMO! I have copied a bunch to try and added their link to my recipe list on side bar of the blog for others. Thanks a bunch!