Friday, January 13, 2012

Juice Feast ~ Day 6 & 7

Shalom Shalom Friends, all is well here on Day 6. This morning was a juice-a-palooza! I had to made juice for 2 days. Today and Shabbat, so I will be listing them on Fridays. I had fun experimenting with some new combinations and thought more seriously about recording amounts for you (and me) for future. :-)

Juices Made:

2 Qrts
Mean Green Juice Original

2 Qrts
Wheat Grass, Pea Sprouts, Beat, Carrot, Ginger, Orange

1 1/2 Qrts
Kale, Cuke, Celery, Apple, Mint

2 Qrts
Kale, Cuke, Celery, Pineapple

Things I learned:

1. Wheat grass is a yucky tasting medicine, not a yummy food stuff. :-) It is best either taken in a shot and chased with something yummy, or hidden in Carrot, Beat juice of some sort. It really wrecks green juice.

2. I was so excited be able to use fresh mint out of my bed still. We had a really cold snap, last night and some of it was damaged, but I got a good handful and it adds a delightful dimension to my juice!

3. As much as I LOVE sprouts to eat - a little goes along way in juice. They leave a bitter after taste and can spoil a whole batch of juice! So I will go really light on the sprouts or save them for chewing in the future! :-)

4. A bag of celery hearts (2 hearts) is equivalent to a whole head of celery. I have to get hearts because of buying in bulk, they keep much longer for me than the whole heads.


  1. Really? I love wheat grass juice! I've always drank it with a slice of Orange to bite the juice out of after the shot.

  2. You know what Elizabeth, I was just talking with my mom today and she was really surprised to hear me say that too. She said it has always been sweet and tasty when she tried it. But the case that I got was bitter. Maybe i should try it from a differnt source before I form a firm opinion on it..but this stuff I have now is not pleasant. :-(