Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Juice Feast ~ Day 10

1 Qrt - Kale, Cuke, Celery, Apple, Pineapple

1.5 Qrts - Tomato, Parsley, Celery, Red Bell, Green Onion, Garlic, Jalapeno, Lime

(I'll make more later and hope to fill that in here.)

Things I am observing:

Stored juice got bitter yesturday. I am not sure why...but it is NOT pleasant. So I am going to do a few things to try to correct it. I Started out the day thinking I would excersize Amy's method of juicing and juice in stages in stead of storing it. I would leave the juicer on the counter for a few hours in the morning between my first two juicings without washing it (breath, Pamela...it's OK to have the dirty juicer left on the counter...breath.....) and then juice again. I would wash it then juice again in the afternoon. However, my fresh squeezed morning green juice was also very bitter, even pineapple couldn't fix it. Talk about "bitter sweet". :-( I don't think that is the answer this question. I suspect that it might have to do with storage and produce quality of my kale. I bought it in bulk a week ago I have used about 3/2 of the case, but it is getting a little wilted. It is the Red Russian Kale. I think this variety might be a little more tender than the darker stiffer curly leaved varieties and might not keep as well. (Lesson learned!) My family has kicked into "use the kale mode" and ate up 4 bunches for breakfast this morning and raved about it...so they aren't having any bitter issues with it. The'll be having kale with dinner again tonight too. I am going to call my friend up the street and see how her greens are doing in the hopes that she will supply me with what I need from her green house. I should have done that first anyway!! I must get to the bottom of this! I am enjoying a tomatoe based juice now....


  1. Bitter? Hmmm...
    I use the curly green with the stem removed. Even so, if it is wilty, I find that putting it thru the juicer it does taste bitter...and o yuk!
    Make kale chips with the wilting stuff. They're pretty good even though I haven't gotten the cook time perfected yet. The rest of your family may enjoy them.

  2. Jill, We just tried our frist kale chips last week. They were very tasty. I just ran them until they were crisp. Timer shmimer. :-)

    I thnk I was wrong in suspecting my wilting kale. My Tomatoe juice turned bitter as it sat today too! (and it had not kale in it!) And the family loved theirs - so now I am suspecting maybe the celery going bitter as it sits. It that possible.. SOMETHING IS..Unless its me. :-) I'll use my super slooth skill and get to the bottom of it in time. (I hope.)