Monday, January 9, 2012

Juice Feast ~ Day 2

I made my juices ahead for the day today. I think that will be a the way I do it as a rule. My jelly bag straining system is working quite well too. It takes a good bit of time (about an hour) but, then I can clean it up and be done with it for the day. I like that! It ends up taking less time than it would to juice several times a day.

1/2 Gallon of Green Juice:
Kale, parsley, cucumber, celery, apple

Mexican for Lunch/Dinner (3Qrts):
tomato, cilantro,celery, spinach, scallions, jalapeno, garlic

Both my juices were very different and delicious today. it was nice to have two very different flavors to choose from. The Mexican Combination was inspired by a recipe called Green Gringo, found in Penni Shelton's Book, Raw Food Cleanse

Lessons Learned:
1. Larger tomatoes are too soft to go through the juicer well. ( I had read that that would be the case for "soft fruits" but did not think about tomatoes! SO I had to make my tomato juice cocktail in the Vitamix today. I learned that lesson just in time, because I had JUST placed my bulk produce order, and was able to zip over to the computer to correct it before it was too late.
2. I much prefer to be weighed in Kilograms than in pounds! :-)

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