Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Juice Feast ~ Day 3

1/2 Gallon -
Collard, Spinach, Celery, Cabbage, Apple, Carrot, Ginger

New things I have learned:

1. The smell of homemade sourdough bread baking, then sitting at the table with 7 other people eating it with their dinner and smothering it in (organic raw grass fed) butter....is challenging to endure! But I did it. :-)

2. I had a quart left over from yesturday...so this morning, I am drinking yesturday's left over quart and only made 1/2 gallon more. We'll see how that goes. (I also felt lazy this morning and did not strain my juice.) I used up the leavy greens I had. My produce order gets here tomorrow, but I may need to make a run ot the store in the mean time.

3. I think I prefer kale to (baby) spinach when being juiced, which is suprising to me.

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