Sunday, January 29, 2012

Juice Feast ~ Day 22

OK...the smoke has cleared. (Thank you for your prayers. Praise Yah!) I have stepped of the ledge of the 'Precipice of Chewing' and have gotten back into the 'Vehicle of Health and Wellness'! Tee Hee. I did not transgress my JF...I was just holding an unloaded fork to my own head and thinking crazy thoughts for a couple days...but I'm good now! :-)

Today is weigh-in day. So if you are interested in my weekly stats, please check my weigh in page (above). I am not going to post them in a separate post any more. My weight loss has slowed down (as expected) but it is continuing. I got two days of colonic in toward the end of last week which I thought would have a more noticeable effect on weight loss and detox. I did tend to loose a good amount around the waist this week in comparison to previous weeks. So I wonder if THAT was why (or if it would have happened anyway)? My cycle started, and I have NO interest in continuing a week's worth of colonic during my cycle. So...I am not sure where to go with that from here. We'll see.

Erev Shabbat is the hardest time be on this feast for me. That Friday evening meal, when we enter into Shabbat has so much kinship, connection in it (even when we keep it real simple). It marks the week's end and beginning of Yah's Holy Day. We unplug from our own agenda and fully plug into His like no ther day. It is a spiritual, emotional, physical vacation every week. It gives us pause in our hearts and truly is a special treasure we share with our Abba (Father), the family (in Him) that we are with and the family in Him from afar. It unifies His people to Himself and to each other. Yes...I can still enter into Shabbat by sipping juice at that time...but it is NOT the same. That first Shabbat meal off the Juice Feast will be a very beautiful "coming home" to me.... when it times comes again.

We are still working through our colds here at home, but they are moving along...I'll be glad when it is over. It messes with our fellowship with other families! :-(

I am not listing my juice intake any more, unless I try new recipes, or do something unusual, because it is very boring to read the same thing every day! :-)

Ben seems to have found his Juicy Groove. :-) I am so proud of him! I am actually thankful He was on the Feast with me in the last two days when I was so low, because there was no way I could bail during his JF week. :-) His timing to join me was perfect - after 18 years...He is still my knight in shining armor! I'm such a blessed gal!

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