Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Juice Feast ~ Days 18

I have had nothing but green juice today to make up for lakc of "requirements" being filled yesturday. :-) A certain friend made me feel guilty over slacking on my greens. Its funny though because I have been wanting to each kale all day...I have had kale recipes on my mind...nourishing soups, sautes and salads. After my feast I think I will be sharing lots of "greens recipes" on HomeShalom! :-)

My Juices today were:

1.5 Qrt GR Green Juice and 1.5 Qrts of what I am affectionatly calling,
1.5 Qrt Clean the Fridge Juice. 2 romain hearts, 5 stalks swiss chard, 1/2 pound baby spinach, 1 pkg a celery hearts, cuke, handful of peppermint, 2-3 apples It was good! (It would also be nice with a 1/4 Lemon or lime added.)

Today was produce day and I filled two fridges with fresh organic produce. With some left on the porch. I ordered more greens than normal since Ben will be starting tomorrow. We also like to feed them to the kids...So it adds up. This is what we recieved today:

We love ourselves some organic produce! aaa haa
5# garlic
case dandilion greens (12 bunches)
10# lemons
10# limes
case cucumbers (20#)
case collard greens (24 bunches)
case lacinato kale (24 bunches)
case red bell peppers (about 12-15)
case celery (18 - I should have gotten 2 since Ben will be juicing!)
25# carrots
2 cases of apples (about 80 apples each, they were a good deal!) :-)
case of pinapples (9 small)
1 lb fresh spearmint (I was expecting peppermint! We'll see how that goes!)

Most of this will last about 2 weeks. There will be some thing left over (they keep), like the citrus, apples and garlic for sure. However, I expect we will make short work fo the rest of it.

OK..... tomorrow is the first day of my colonics. If I were properly following the JF protocal, I would have done it every day for my first 7 days. However, I was not mentally prepared, nor was I ready with supplies. (As this is something i have never done before.) I got the last thing I was waiting for today (gulp) time of procrastingating has come to an end. The plan is to do it 7 days in a row (except Shabbat). I may share more about it...I am not yet sure how though. :-)

Things I have learned:
1. Purple cabbage juice is VERY cleansing (if you know what I mean).
2. Romain hearts and cucumbers are very nice ways to "lighten" the flavor and consistancy of green juice. They both add a fresh and crisp element to the juice that I appreciate. The dark leafy greens are so concentrated, that these are nice elements to encorperate into them.


  1. I am close to being addicted to colonics!! :O It will take some getting used to at first, but you'll see how amazing you feel after a while- and how you get to know your body so much better too ;)

    So cool you can get all that wonderful produce! I ordered a small organic mixed box of stuff today- will come next Tuesday.

    I agree with the romaine and cucs being nice additions to the juices :)

  2. win! hehehhe...keep going girl, praise be to Yah for his leading your will. Much Love!