Thursday, January 26, 2012

Juice Feast ~ Days 19

1/2 Gallon of GR's Green Juice with Dandelion Greens.

OK I am going light on juice today...this cold just seems to be making me "force it down". At least I can't taste the bitterness of dandelions. :-) I might have a little warm hebral tea before the night is over.

Ben started His Juice Feast this morning. He has decided to do it for a week and take it from there!! I am so proud of him for being open to try this! I really want to grow old with him and I know if he would be willing to do this every so often in our years to come that it will increase our quality of life together!

Anyway, I expect his detox to be a little rougher than mine. He likes to indulge in junk a bit more than I I am afraid he will see the effects of that during this fast. He has a cold like the rest of He is run down today. He came home from working at 3:30 (and only 1/2 gallon of green juice) and went straight to bed with a splitting head ache. Poor fella. Please pray for him this week.

Ben was teasing me this morning, he said, "You look like a married Indian woman." Why? Because I have a big red detox sit in the middle of my forehead. :-)

This I have learned:

1. Dandelion Greens are very bitter (i knew that - I have eaten them before) but extremely concentrated in juice. I have a feeling much of my case will be going to the sheep or chickens. There is know way I am going to get through this case before it goes bad...and I am not going to suggest my DH put himself through it. :-)

2. Our subconscious mind really has a strong ability to sabotage our growth and inhibit us from doing what we know is right of good for us!! I got so made at myself this morning. This was it the day of my first colonic - no more excuses. I gather my supplies and find I missing the most important element...the bag! I looked everywhere, Ben looked everywhere! I just had it out at the beginning of my feast as I was preparing...gone. I am a pretty organized kind of person. Everything has a place and I have a place for everything. :-) SO.... you can imagine my frustration! So I juiced my morning juice and went to town to get another the cold rain, with my red nose and cold. Like I WAS the day! You know wasn't so bad after all! Strange - yes...but do-able.


  1. I wish blogs had a "like" button... I wondered about dandelion greens- I know they are bitter too. I think I'll leave them off my list. I'm experiencing the same thing with the cold juices too. I enjoy a warm master cleanse every now and then- it helps.

  2. That is interesting. Did I understand that right? YOua re experiane cold juices as bitter? I am curious besue I much prefer them chilled. I wonder if it is part of our pH or detoxing? in how we receive the juice??? I still get that thick sliming just must be how my body expells it. ???

  3. Um, no not bitter really. You made it sound like just the juice being cold was making you have to force it down- I have to sip on mine b/c of the cold. It's hard for me to stay warm during the day. You also said you did NOT taste the bitterness of the dandelion greens... so I didn't think you were referring to bitterness. My citrus tastes bitter though- but I think it's b/c my juicer squeezes some of the oil out of the rinds :/ When I add kefir it's better. Have you tried using more apples to sweeten? Even fresh they taste bitter? I love it with tomatoes, garlic and salt- kinda blends in with the bitterness. No yucky tongue here, but I was raw for over 8 months with almost no junk before this fast. Yep- detoxing out the tongue :P lucky you!! lol

  4. Way to go Ben! David is cheering you on :) We cut out meat, wheat and processed sugars and he is down 10 pounds in three weeks but the best part is that he says he is thinking more clearly! Hope you all kick the cold quickly!

  5. Dandy greens can (are) bitter when you juice or blend them. But they are SO GOOD for you!! Can you juice it with something that is sweeter? I am not sure if you are doing fruits or not.. But if you are, it might make it taste better for you.

    Blessings to you my friend!

  6. I prefer my juices chilled as well...the bitterness is most likely the changes taking place from the detoxing, like you mentioned. I have that happen to me with water. 8) Water will taste bad to me when I begin detoxing but it tastes so sweet by the end.
    (This is cool to read your progress thru it.)
    I'm interested in the remainder of your diet, are you doing 100%juice? Raw? I'll read the other posts...

  7. Hi Em! So nice to see you here! :-) Yes, I am doing a 100% raw veggie juice fast (feast) for a period of time. (Follwing Yah's lead on exactly HOW LONG.) The "program" I am on, is designed to be able to do it for up to 3 months! I don't know if I will go that long..this is the frist time I have ever fasted longer than a day or two. Look around, this is my journal of the experiance. I think I will but adding lots of yummy raw recipes after I have completed my fast, because I Do enjoy raw foods and try to encorperate them in our family's diet abundantly. I don't think we will go vegetarian. I was for 10 years...but as homesteaders now...animals are a part of what we do now...and I believe meat, grains, and raw dairy raised (and prepared) right and eaten in proper proportions is a vaulable part of a healthy diet. :-) I do hope to get into more regular soaking, souring and sprouting of grains though. I know its better, and I have played with it...but...i haven't "committed" to the methods soley just yet. :-)