Monday, January 16, 2012

Which Juicer to Use - Prt 2

My Momma has inspired this next post. We talked on the phone last Shabbat (for a long time) and she is so excited to start juicing. She remembered when I had my Champion when she lived with us and all that it entailed. She thought it was a "battlelax" and she just didn't think she would incorporate using that thing into her daily lifestyle. I agreed with her (I like to tease her from time to time and say the nut doesn't all far from the tree!). I continued to tell her how much I loved my knew juicer and how much more I prefer it. Unlike some people who may buy a juicer and let it collect dust or get lost in the back of the cupboard, I know if my mom the machine that was right for her, that she would incorporate it into her lifestyle as a permanent change. Now I want to share a little something with you about my momma. She is a survivor (in so many senses of the word) ONE of them is that she is a cancer survivor of 14 years now!! (Duke Stage 4 which is the final stage of cancer where is spreads in the body. Conventional medicine offers little hope in survival!) My mom would attribute her survival to the grace, mercy and POWER of YHVH (God) to heal (as would I) because she called out to Him at that time and He did an amazing work in her. As she listened for that still small voice and obeyed it, she started the journey of making lifestyle changes to live a healthy lifestyle in the process of her healing (and to this day). She stopped her conventional treatment (in the midst of it!!) and endured the condemnation and unkind council from her doctors for doing so. She put her faith and trust in YHVH and his guidance in seeing her through it by using things in HIS Creation and standing in faith. I am so proud of her and love her so much! It is my prayer that she come to TN to live with us here on the farm!

Anyway, back on target about juicers: I felt I had unfinished business with investigating the Breville Juicer and I wasn't sure which one to recommend for mom. So I did some more research. I didn't want to be too hasty to recommend one. What I had thought to be the best juicer choice for me, might not be for her. I wanted to share these videos with you as well. Your needs, intentions, lifestyle or budget may be different than me and my mom's. All these things are considered when choosing a juicer, which I think is beautifully explained in this video, by someone who IS an expert. :-) The Breville, by the way is about 1/2 the price of the omega. However, both as an investment.

Comparing Juicers: A very informative video on juicer styles and how to choose which one is best for YOU. John has a channel on YouTube which is a very valuable juicer's resource. He has over 250 educational and demo videos on YouTube. If you want to search a specific juicer, just go to his YouTube page (linked above) and click on "see all" videos on the top right corner. A search window will pop up above that list and you can type in the juicer name or you can just browse it. For sales info or to purchase juicers, you can go to his website John lives the lifestyle and really likes to educate people about it. I respect him for that.

The video below is almost a half hour long, but if you are considering purchasing a juicer, it is well worth watching! He talks about pros and cons to different styles of juicers. The Omega Vert and Breville happen to be some of the examples.

This is a wonderful video that shows the usage of the juicer I chose and love. It is much shorter, about 8 minutes. It shows the use of the juicer from start to finish including cleaning.

The Omega Vert is the juicer I am going to recommend for my mother as well. Even though it is a more costly machine than some, I know she is serious about juicing it is a GREAT choice. I know my mother will run with juicing and it will be lifestyle thing for her. I want her to have a really good tool for her to carry that out. One that will not limit what she can do or be intimidating to operate. One that she can use into her 90's! One that will be easy and efficient and one that will give her a very HIGH quality juice. I have yet to ask her about her pulp preference...I hope that is not a deal breaker. This juicer does give you a pulpy juice. I prefer a less pulpy juice, so I take the extra step to strain it...but I think all the other benefits are worth that extra step. I have also sent a question in to John (the juicer guy) asking if he had another machine that has all the benefits of the Omega Vert that I like but comes out more strained. I will put his response in my comment section if you are interested to know.

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