Monday, February 6, 2012

Breaking Ben's Juice Feast

Today is the second day of Ben's Juice Feast Breaking(my husband). It was 11 days long. To follow prodacal it will take him 3 days to break a feast 12 days of less. The frist days onsists for eating soaked prunes and water in addition to your regular juices. The second day consists of (more prunes if they weren't passed well on the rist day and) juicy fruits, with your juices. And the thirs day consists of simple light leafy green salads. Than you may resume regular HEALTHY eating.

His starting wieght 225 and his ending wieght 208. He lost 17 pounds in that short time. He lost a lot of wieght fast, but his body type does that so that wasn't really surprising. He did not do the colonics or supplements accept for his first day, when he misunderstood me and also took some Casara Sagrada. That certainly got things MOOOOOVING a little faster than he liked! :-) When asked about detoxing, it seems he forgot that his first two days of it were pretty rough, he was wiped out, feeling rough and in bed. He says he thinks that was the Casara is hard to know, if it was that alone or that in combo with detoxing.

We all had colds during most of that week and he didn't notice any difference with it staying longer OR leaving quicker. He also did not have a noticable energy spike like I did. (I am guessing that the cold is why he didn't notice a big energy surge like I did, because during my cold, my energy was just "maintaining" and had a day or two of sluggishness too. The energy is coming back as the cold is disipating.)

When asked, "Would you do it again?". He said, "Not voluntarily". I asked him to explain that, and he went on to clarify that IF he had an obvious reason too do it, like weight loss, or desease, or something like that he would, but not like we did it this time, voluntarily, without a real pressing need. :-)

He does enjoy juice and juicing. So he is happy to drink them and doesn't mind making them, and it is fun to experiment with differnt combos and blends.

It has helped him purge fast food and soda while on the road between appointments. (FOR THAT I AM SO THANKFUL!) He used to crave it, had to fight against the urges. However, while he was juicing, he never had those cravings! It was easy to keep on driving! (Yes!) For that reason alone, I think it was a sucessful Juice Feast well worth having been done!

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