Sunday, February 5, 2012

Juice Feast Day 29

Today was an interesting day.  I wrestled with myself.  (Hey get your exercise how you an right??)  :-)  I was preparing myself mentally and with supplied for the end of my first tomorrow.  Today was also my weigh-in day (listed in the tab above- I have lost 21 pounds and I it just dawned on me how much has happen in my body in just one month.  Now that the month is (practically) behind me...I can say...I could do that again...So why not???  I am really diggin' this weight loss!  :-)  I guess I have been refreshed and gotten my second wind.  I really would love to loose ANOTHER 20 pounds!  If is doesn't happen, but I have decided that I would like to proceed to see what happens.  I am also more free to exercises in the second month - so I really want to incorporate that into this.

 So I looked at the calendar to see what events we have coming up.  I have a dear friend's wedding shower next week, if I continue I will be drinking juice again, at yet ANOTHER special event that has lots of yummy food at it.  I have decided to take it until March 1st, at which start the 6 day process of coming off the fast.  My son's birthday is the 12th - I would like it to be all finished with a little buffer before that time.  Then we have lots of company coming and camping trip and The Spring Feasts - it will be just in time to start preparing for all that. (Not to mention all projects on the farm.)  My new goal will make my Juice Feast 54 days long when I reach my goal.   if at any time, i feel like I am compromising my health for what ever reason, I will stop early - but I hope to make my goal! Doing this means that I will have to sacrifice another 4 Shabbat Family meals and I will have to sip my self through a few more meals with friends.  :-(  I have decided to continue to think past the meal or event of the day for the greater good.  The benefits will last much longer than the time sacrificed. I might have to start playing with some more recipes to help me pass the time, though I get bored and wrestless and doing that helps me.  I also think that I will get some bee pollen which is suggested...I can see what that is like to "chew on" every now and then.  Maybe I will save THAT for my shabbat meal.   This past Shabbat I had my green juice in a nice big red wine goblet while the other (adults) had wine...It's not quite the same...but it did beat a mason jar.  So I think I'll do that for the next few weeks too. 

I hope you will stick around for my juicing journey.  Your comments, conversations, and prayers are very encouraging to me!

Oh, tomorrow, I hope to put on the same clothes that I wore on my starting picture and take an update photo since we hit the one month mark.  I will do that again on my final day...if I can keep my skirt up.  It is literally falling down to low on my hips now.  I don't own a belt, but I need to get one!  These are posative problems!  Oh and the huge sit I had i the middle of my forhead is gone now too.  :-)

Detoxing:  I did wrap my toes with the detox pads and put the last one on the bottom of my foot.  All three came out slimy and full.  I ordered more and will continue to put them on again every night until they come out clean.

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  1. WOOHOO!! my juice buddy is sticking with it- YIPPIE!! :) I know what you mean about special events- don't know how you do it so often!! I have a lunch to go to Saturday at a restaurant- UGH! it will be torture. Unlike Ben, it's so strange, but I do crave junk food! Probably b/c it's all around me here at the house and don't have much in the way of raw b/c it will go bad and no one eats it but me. One more week for me and I'm at the top of the hill- yay! Congrats on the weight loss!! :)