Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Juice Feast ~ Days 24 & 25

I just didn't have anything interesting to share yesterday. Now we are gearing ahead for overnight company and open house for Shabbat. So likewise again, my mind is elsewhere. I really am glad this will be our last Shabbat on the JF. This is my least favorite time of the the fasting.

This morning I awoke with my daughter Naomi nuzzled into my chest for some morning snuggles. Those are very rare occasions for her. So that was very precious to me. As I woke, (however) I noticed a painful lump under my right arm. It seems to be an inflamed lymph node. It really is tender. I expect it is trying to process some of my detoxing and something is "backing up" in there. It really does hurt! :-( This was "the straw" i needed to actually start rebounding. I have been putting it off...but i know that it helps get the lymph node I started with some mild "bouncing" today. I made it a point to move my arms in wide motions the whole time. (Like jumping jacks) I am going to try to hop on it again later, and a couple times tomorrow in the hopes to pass what ever it is in there. I am not sure how long it will take. I won't be doing it over Shabbat, but will get back to it on Sunday. If you feel compelled to pray for me in that way, I really would appreciate it.

Did I mention? Today was suppose to be Ben's last day on His week-long Juice Fast, but He said he would stick to it, through the end of my time with me. Isn't that sweet! He just turned his 7 day fast into a 12 day one for me!! How romantic! :-)


  1. Good job Mr. Ben, Pamela I will pray for you...and please keep us posted on the swollen - ness. :0)

  2. That is awesome that Ben is continuing on with you!! So sorry to hear about the sorenenss :( And me with my headache/ stuffy head feeling and tiredness- exchange of prayers please? I'm happy for you that this will be your last Shabbat on the JF, but sad I am losing a juice buddy.

  3. Even though THIS juice feast is oming to a close for me. We can still be JFF! (Juice Friends Forever) :-) I do remember you in Prayer Wendy and will continue too through your next couple months! I will keep in touch and continue posting here as well.

  4. Ahhh!! Cool! Thanks Pam :) So comforting to know someone is praying for me!! I will really need it next week as I have 3 days of training for foster care that I will be away from home- YIKES, lunch breaks!!