Thursday, February 2, 2012

Juice Feast ~ Day 26

My cold is moving but not gone. It went from my chest to my sinuses. My hearing is muffled and my head hurts and my nose is stuffed, so I can't taste well. We have friends coming over tomorrow and the next day...I really hope it keeps moving!! Out side of that I am feeling pretty good. :-)

The painful lump that appeared in my right arm pit is going down and only slightly tender now. I only ended up rebounding once yesterday. I hope to again today to try help keep things moving. Last night I ended up putting a Soul Pad over the lump, over night. I think that really helped, because it was still very painful when I went to bed but was not when I woke and reduced in size significantly.

What is a Soul Pad you might ask? It is a really neat product that is used widely in Japan to help detox. They are nifty little pre-made disposable herbal packs that you use to reflex points of areas of concern to draw out toxins. One of the most effect central spots are the feet. I have been using them on my feet the last couple nights. You put them on over night and remove them when you wake up. When you look into the pad if there was anything to draw it will appear on the pad as a slimy dark black or brown goo which is mostly soaked into the herbal media, but if it was really badthere will be some on the surface of the pad too. You dispose it. Than you continue to do this each night until the pad comes out clean. You want to know one of the weirdest things about it? The pads smell like cooked bacon when they are full of toxins! Then all was drained. I think I will try one on my sinus area tonight, because I am really really stopped up - up there right now. It is suggested to put one o the affected area of concern and one on the foot. I just checked the reflexology points and I did have it over the lung point on my foot (even though I had not though about that specifically), so I wonder if that is why it moved out of the lungs! Humm...I will make it a point to put it over the nose points tonight and see what happens. There are similar "detox foot pads" out there by other name brands too. I expect that they all work similarly, even though they may have different recipes.

You could do something similar with a crushed garlic and olive oil poultice on the bottoms of your feet or a charcoal poultice. But some people are sensitive to the oils in the raw garlic burning the skin. Both the garlic and charcoal (mixed with water to form a paste) are very very messy. That is another advantage to these pads. It is a very simple and clean way to draw the junk out.

If you know me, or have read my other blog for a while. You know that I am a BIG fan of activated charcoal. It is a "must have" item for every natural home emergency/treatment kit. I have used it to treat many things, from food poisoning, to stomach aches, to brown recluse spider bites and suspected tetanus. It has so many applications, if you are not aware of Activated Charcoal and you want to treat your family naturally, I HIGHLY recommend this book. There are lots more books out there too, but this one is my favorite so far. This is where I like to buy my Medical Grade Activated Charcoal in bulk.

My Skirts:

Before my juice fast started, I noticed that my skirts were getting snug arround the hips and "riding high" around the know... like the Tim Conway character on the old Carol Bernette Show. Anyway, one of the things that has reduced greatly during this Juice feast has been my waist line (5" last I checked!). So my skirts have dropped down to sit where they should. :-) (YES!) When I stand, they are actually getting kind of baggy. (YES AGAIN!) :-) I am looking forward to buying some new clothes in a couple months for the warmer season. 9I hope to fins some linene and take it to my Amish Seamstress, because I know I will busy outside! I will make due with what I've got (even though a lot of my skirts are really getting beat up here on the farm)...I am hoping to purchase a noticeable size difference when I do. It will be worth the wait (or should I say weight?)!


  1. Wow, I didn't even think about lymph nodes getting swollen or stopped up. I suppose there is a lot to realize and pay attention to when detoxing. After reading through your blog earlier this week, I went and stocked the kitchen up with many of the things listed in your favorite recipes. Its fun to try new recipes even though I really like the Mean Green because the same old thing gets boring after awhile. I tried the recipe with the sweet potato and the beet, it was almost too sweet, but delicious and amazing how much juice came from one sweet potato. Today I made the recipe with the purple cabbage, lemon and lime etc and it is extremely delicious too! The purple juice from the cabbage is beautiful! I love knowing what I'm putting into my body!

  2. Sharon,
    I am so glad you are enjoying my recipes! :-)

    I agree that purple cabbage juice is so brilliant in color --- It is gorgeous..It makes you want to put in a fancy glass with an umbrella or something.