Thursday, February 9, 2012

Juice Feast ~ Days 32 & 33

As my fasting gets more "normal' with time, I find I have less interesting things to share on a daily basis. So I hope you don't mind less frequent posts. I must admit, I am allowing myself to taste a spoon full of the food I am serving as I serve it. I didn't do that in my first month...I kind of feel like this is my "gravy time" so to speak. So the things I taste are still good real whole foods but were not raw. Andi's beans took me over the edge, I also had a bite of sauteed kale, and Lusi's tater casserole, and homemade chicken soup, this week. I'm ok with that. :-) I never knew how satisfying a spoon full can be. So maybe this is a little built in lesson of portion control for me too. :-)

Detoxing: Remember I mentioned the lymph node that swelled under my right armpit last week. The last I mentioned it was reducing in size and pain, well the day after that, it was gone (and no trace returned). (HalleluYah!) I just forgot to mention it.

I also mentioned the colds that have been going through our house. Mine moved up in my sinuses. The symptoms have been since last Shabbat (Saturday), but still remain. The strangest symptom i have with that is ORANGE snot. In my 41 years...I have never had orange snot! (Various shades of green and yellow, white and clear, yes. As well as blood, but this is ORANGE!) It gets even more strange...In the last two days, in the many opportunities I have had to blow my nose ...I get the fragrance of SMOKE as my snot comes out! Cigarette smoke...very distinctively. Many of you many not know this, but I used to smoke. I smoked for 9 years between from 15-24. I was a pretty heavy smoker too; but that has been... 17 years ago. Since then I have not been in a smoking environment AT ALL (except for when we go to my dad's to visit- but that has only been about 3 times in the last 5 years). It's just NOT a part of my culture now. :-) Isn't that strange? I wonder if my body is detoxing old smoke junk!!! Is that possible???

Rebounding: Rebounding isn't really happening like I had hoped. We spent all day yesterday moving everything upstairs, downstairs. On next Monday, we will have friends staying here, finishing our upstairs. (drywall, ceilings, doors, all the finishing touches, except the flooring) The one room that is practical for me to rebound in (because I can close the door and the ceilings are high enough) now has 6 beds in it and will be housing our contractors next week and now houses my children. SO....i put the tramp out into the trailer for now. I am going to have to come up with something else. :-) but I am excited about finishing the second floor! It has been 2 yrs in the waiting!


  1. The Farm never ceases to amaze me with activity, Yay for second floor! Now that you mention those beans, I might want to make some... ;0) The orange snot is interesting, I would think it's possible...but I am not sure as I have never juice feasted...yet. ;0)

  2. Hi Pam,
    That is very weird about the orange smokey snot!!! What else can it be? It has to be a detox effect. Weird and cool. I'm breaking tomorrow- you'll have to see my blog for why- I'm so excited though!!! Can't wait for PRUNES tomorrow! :P Wish I could go get 'em right now, but I can't, the kiddo is sick :( and hubby is out. Yeah, I noticed the same thing about a bite here and a bite there- very satisfying! We started "cheating" at about exactly the same time too!! Be careful- it gets harder the more you allow yourself to indulge!