Saturday, February 11, 2012

Juice Feast ~ Days 34 & 35

Just a quick check in. I am still here. Enduring Shabbat in my Juice Fast. :-) Since I have had some practice now, the preparations and techniques aren't as daunting as they were in the beginning. I make 3 qrts of juice ahead on Friday afternoon, I freeze two and refrigerate one for the morning. I drink emergency or tea or broth (garlic, or veggie) if I feel the need to supplement something warn in these cold months. I could always drink Master Cleanse as well.
I thought I would incorporate more fermented beverages into my fast for variety and I have not yet...but I guess I still have a little time. I guess, I have lost some of my sense of adventure with it and am just "doing my time" on most days. :-)

I am getting excited about sharing raw food recipes with you in the future.

The bite here-and-there things an be a slippery slope, I do agree. Since my motivation has changed from detox to weight loss in this second leg, I do notice my conviction waning as well. I will check the scales and measure (tomorrow is my weigh in day) and see how things are progressing. If for any reason, I feel it is not advantageous to continue I will, break my fast and try to stick to protocol in doing so. Ben did not stick to protocol when he broke his fast, and I see he has had some issues with passing food in his, I hope to learn from his mistake. :-) I am still planning taking the fast to the end of February (breaking it on March 1st). Prayers are welcome! :-)

I still have some snot, not as colorful (except first thing in the morning), it is decreasing. I am thankful for that.


  1. I watched Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead last night. Do you feel like you have more energy from juicing like the guy did in the movie? He seemed like he could go on juicing forever. Crazy how he confronted food head on - but convicting. I'm praying for a renewed motivation and energy for you to finish strong! You can do it! ;-)

    I dug out my manual for my juicer - I have the Omega 8005- a masticating juicer and it will juice greens (yay!) and more, but from what I've read, it is not safe to juice while pregnant or nursing - that it can actually cause a vitamin deficiency in the child. Do you have any links or resources about safely juicing in this case?

    1. FYI, I have done food & water fasts (longest 3 days), parasite cleanses (longest 2 months) and also a diet consisting of juice only mornings while nursing and or pregnant. (Because I am always nursing and or least for the past 6 years :)) As far as I know all my children are healthy. No shots, only fevers when they teeth, perhaps a runnny nose hear and there but even that is rare.
      As far as a vit. deficiency, I like to take colloidal minerals...this alone has me feeling like I am juice fasting.
      But we are kind of rebels...:P

      The 3 day water & food fast I did about half way into my last pregnancy. I felt great afterward!

      But I would NOT recommend anyone do any of the above unless they prayed and were comfortable about it.

  2. Hi Chelle,

    Thanks for your encouragement! For someone who loves food, juicing day in and out with no other food can get BORING...but I know the benfits are worth it.

    Isn't that movie great?! I hadn't seen it until after I started my fast - it was a great film to watch DURING a juice feast! :-) If youa re interested in other great movies I have a tab above with ones I like. :-) I have been meaning to add a few more too - so you might check bak from time to time to see if I get some more up there.

    Yes, I have experianced wonderful energy while juicing.

    That is a great juicer you have there! It is the same maker as mine - although mine is a all together differnt model. (nice taste!) :-)

    You are right, about that as far as juice fasting while nursing or pregnant. I don't understand the "why's" of it though. I asked around on the raw food forum too (where the hardchore raw folks hang out) and they confirmed it...especially if someone is not already living a high raw food lifestyle ahead of time. However, it is to my understanding safe to do WITH one's diet. I had two girlfriends who were nursing and eager to loose some baby weight and gain stamina - which is why I was looking into it. One is juicing with a regular diet, her baby is about 9 months old and also eating solids. I wish i had more input to the posative on it. Sorry. I really was surprised by that. It seemed to me that there would be WAY more veggies/nutriants going into one's system on a juice feast than on a chewing diet...but there must be unseen factors involved. ???

  3. Yep, I was getting totally bored too! The last few shopping trips were pure drudgery :( Read my blog today for insights into will power- you might want to measure where you're at against what you've got left. The backlash has been a bit shocking for me.