Monday, February 13, 2012

Juice Feast Days 36 & 37

So here I am on Day 37, my heart is not in any more. I weighed in Yesturday and lost one pound. Maybe I got spoiled with the fast weight loss, but this is too disruptive to our daily lives to continue for such little return. Since my motives have changed from detox to weight loss after the 30 day mark, I have noticed my conviction and interest wayne greatly. I COULD just implore my stuborn bone - which is actually very strong and do it...but I just don't see the sense in it. I just started started soaking my prunes for tonight or tomorrow...I will finish my 37th day and break my fast. At first I thought, well, I should just go to a nice round intentional number of 40 days...but that would also include another Shabbat in the "breaking process", and I would like to enjoy sitting at the table with my family this Shabbat. So I am entering into my shift sooner. I would like to encorperate more raw food in our diet and share those recipes with you here. I hope to continue wieght loss as well, although I understand this last 20 pounds will come off more gradually than the first 22 pounds. I am glad, that I did it and I would do it again. This is a bitter sweet moment.

We will have guests staying with us all this week in some ways I wish I would have just broken it last week so I would not have this element during their stay...but it is what it is and I am greatful for it!


  1. Congratulations on your fantastic accomplishments!! You did awesomely :) 22 pounds, orange snot, nasty soul pads and all, lol! I would stick to fast breaking protocol pretty closely, but after the first 2 days if all is well you can nibble on other stuff ;) If any problems crop up b/c of it you can just pop a cascara sagrada. I have done more than nibble and have been fine, but I do still eat the prunes too. So happy for you!! :)

  2. CONGRATULATIONS on the weight loss! Looking forward to some raw recipes.