Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Chia Seeds

I have never used chia seeds before, but they were referenced on one of the Juice Feasting Blogs I had seen. I just recieved my 3# bag that I wanted to "play with", but when it got here, I realized that I still wasn't quite sure what to do with them. I remember reading they were really good for you and they help you feel full if you need that while juicing (or dieting). I also read that it is important to soak them first, because they are "suckers", and will draw moisture from your body if you eat them dry. I am (STILL) waiting for my Juice Feasting Handbook to show up, so I thought I would investigate a little further in the mean time. I found a wonderful website that is "everything Chia". :-) So I thought I would share it with you. Chia Seed Recipes


  1. My husband and I are runners and have used chia seeds as an energy boost before runs. I would love to do a juice detox, one of my dreams. But, since we already eat pretty healthy, we will have to wait awhile. Just so expensive for two adults. We actually bought a juicer at one point and juiced for two days. It was so yummy! I was suprised at how good they tasted. But when we realized how much we spent to eat for just two days, we couldn't justify it at this point in our finances. I am sure you will benefit from it immensely! Have fun!

  2. It's true, i am consuming ALOT or organic produce each day - it's not cheap. We buy it wholesale in bulk (by cases) as a family of 8, it helps, but we still have more mouths feed (than lots of families) and with my juicing consumption and usuage is increasing! Doing this does seem like a luxury. I was thinking about that this morning; about how much I appreciate the opportunity! If I choose to do it in the future, I hope to have established our own veggie garden enough to do it from what we grow. That will be SO satifying!

  3. You are doing very well to last this long. Especially with feeding other people. May I ask how your juicing your veges? I use a champion juicer. It's awesome!! No pulp or straining. Juice makes you feel good inside too, and energetic.
    I think (for me) it helps get my nutrition up for pregnancy & babies. Increase in milk. Awesome hey!!

  4. Amy, Thanks. Really if I lived alone it would be a lot easier...almost no temptation really...but since we do whole food from scratch, i have to contend with kinds of very tempting aroma's all day long! My 13 year old daughter has become QUITE proficiant in the kitchen and is taking this opportunity to "run the kitchen. She is enjoying planning out the meals and preparing them. It's a double blessing! Not only that I have to think about the food much less, as well as the preparation - but that I see my duaghter so proficient in doing it at such a young age! :-) I digress...

    I used to have a Champian (it didn't make the move to TN). Now I have an Omega Vert, (Same machine as the Hurom Juicer) I really do like it. It's an auger style as well. I lik ethe clean up process better, it juices much faster, and is much lighter and takes up less space on my counter than my Champion did. It also does the greens, that my Champion could never do. So I do prefer it since I am juicing SO MANY greens and so much volume. However, it does let more pulp through than I care I strain it. :-)

    1. That is amazing that your 13yr old is running the kitchen atm. A blessing for both of you. My oldest is 6 and loves helping so its a good thing for me to hear other kids being the kitchen boss.
      I juiced today because i am re inspired to juice. And set out a raw lunch :) so wonderful that He puts things on our hearts to achieve :)
      Felt good (healthier) to juice and eat a raw salad for lunch too.
      But it does cost a bit more to feed more kids :(
      I'm still breaking habits of eating junk food from my teenage years *sigh* so I hear you on the temptation side of things... That and food is my earthly comfort instead of Father in Heaven.. I know I know.. I'm a sinner.. Saved by Grace..
      Remain blessed xx

  5. Amy,
    That is so wonderful! Thanks for telling me that!