Thursday, January 12, 2012

Juice Feast ~ Day 5

Today's Juices

2 Qrts - Kale, Wheat Grass, Celery, Cucumber, Apple, Lime

1.5 Qrts - (Yumo Award) Carrot, Beet, Red Bell

I did eat one raw kale chip this morning. It was a new recipe we are trying from the Raw Food Rehab and they were quite tasty. :-)

Things I have learned

1. I really am surprised that I have not experienced any adverse detox symptoms yet. I still expect they are coming. Maybe I am not doing something right???

2. I have to keep my juice under watch, because my 2 year old will sneak up and snatch my jar if it is left sitting where He an get to it. It is funny to watch his reactions. I have had some tastier combos than others...the ones that were so tasty left him with a look of dismay, as if he had been dooped or something! :-)

Ya, Ya, but how do you feel?<>
I feel great! I surprised how easy it has been so far! I sleep well, I have great energy, it is like my body WANTS to move more. I WANT to stretch and get out of the house. (Although it is cold and raining, and the baby has a cough - so I will stay put today!) But stretching I can do!

Question for My Readers
I feel like I have to brush my teeth more frequently. This is surprising...but maybe it shouldn't be. I haven't researched this yet to see if there are precautions I should take. Has anyone experienced this? Any comments/advice?


  1. Pamela,
    Can you tell what kind of juicer you use...and I am learning along with you, however your walking in this one...I have not taken the plunge yet. ;0)

  2. I'm still following along and thanking you for the juicer info. My champion seems to do greens ok but I push carrots through afterwards to get it through. A tip I learnt with our old slow masticating juicer. I'm happy with it, does the job, and I figure that's the main thing.

    How are you storing the juice? (jar? Fridge? Bench?) I'm asking cos I've always been told you can't store it cos it's fresh.

    Have you tried/done any raw soups? Which found like juice actually lol

    I'm surprised you haven't had symptoms of detoxing yet. Perhaps having to brush your teeth more often is one. Hubby used to smell really bad then smell better afterwards during a detox. Me? I always felt really hungry with bouts of exhaustion, symptoms of a cold like runny nose.

    I've been inspired to juice again so I jumped onto the machine and pushed kale & carrot through then spinach and carrot for my next lot. So 7 glasses (roughly 250ml each)

  3. That is so wonderful that you are able encorperate greens into juicing with your Champion! That is good to know when people ask, I an share both our experiances with the Champion, from now on.

    I store it in a jar with a plastic lid (mostly), sometimes I used my pitchers (with lids). Yes, I have read that and always thought before recently too. I am still believe it is BEST to juice and drink it immediatly. However, whne I started preparing for this feast, by ressources raw foodists (who do it as a lifestyle) it seemed to be very acceptable to juice your day's worth at once. This really opened the doors for me because of the extra time/clean up it takes and my family's needs. So I tried it. I seem to be doing very well with I will continue. I do however choose my green juice first in the morning, because I figure that I want the MOST out of it...and my colored juice in the afternoon. I don't know if there anything too it...just my thing. :-) This Erev, was the first time I juied ahead for Shabbat. That seemed really weird - too far ahead - but I am trusting that it is good and we'll see! :-)

    I have had raw soups before (very tasty!), however, I have not included them in thie fast. At least not yet...I have thought about doing it down the line though. I am doing all this with a combination of listenint got Yah, my body, educating myself further all along the way and of course listening to ounsel and taking it to prayer. :-) It's "how I roll" anyway...but it seems to be a little more intentional in this topic of detoxing at this time. :-)

  4. That's really cool and i would imagine freeing to juice your juice for the day in one hit. I tend to leave my unwashed juicer and come back in a half hour or two and push a few more veges through. I'm happy with that ATM and it seems to fit in with me and the kids etc. Good to know that's what the raw foodies do though. Thank you.

    I've never tried a raw soup. Too chicken. Think perhaps I should toughen up a bit hey ;)

    I'm juicing more after reading this ;) thanks..

  5. Hi, I have just found your blogs and will be engrossed for some time I think. They are well written and packed with fascinating information. Thank you so much for posting.

    In answer to your question here, from what I gather, it would be good practice to give your mouth a thorough rinse with water after consuming raw vegetables or fruit to dilute and wash away the acids that remain in the residue and saliva. These acids are corrosive and will attack the enamel on your teeth, more so in-between the teeth where it can remain in higher concentrations than on the open surfaces where salival action will dilute it faster. Perhaps it is a natural response against this that is suggesting you clean your teeth more frequently.

    Someone told me a while back that a swill of dissolved bicarb of soda in water will neutralise excessive pH in the mouth. Apparently the rinse will kill bad breath bacteria too. I have tried it and it feels good, though have not checked out the chemistry to see exactly what it does.