Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Juice Feast ~ Day 4

I am waiting for my produce to come in this morning to make the rest of my juice. I had to scrounge for some veggies for my morning juice making. I'll have to go back to make more after it comes in. (I will add to my post then.) I suspect the carrot beet may be too sweet for me...if so, I plan to mix it with a little sparkling water for a little "cooler".

1 Qrt:
Collards, Spinach, Celery, apple, lime

1 Qrt:
Carrot, Beet

1 Qrt:
Kale, Wheat Grass, Pea Sprouts, Cucumber, Lime, Coconut Water

Things I have learned:

1. The scale is a fickle thing! According to it, when I weighed myself for the first time this morning (before I ate anything and lightly clothed) it said that I had lost 9 pounds from 4 days ago! That seems impossible...I am guess I might have Had some heavier clothes on when I weighed myself before and it was also mid day after having drank already.. I would think that I could SEE 9# worth of difference don't you?? I am sure there are many factors in one weight to the minute...Hailey weighed herself before and after lunch and showed she weighed a little more than a pound more...weighing clothes during weighing is "bad science" I know...but I am not going to freak out about it knowing all these things are relative. :-)

2. I drink more water and less juice in the day if I don't care for the mix I made that day. I had almost 2 pints left over yesterday because I really had to "make myself" drink the one mix I made. (I think the green cabbage made it not so lovely!) Since I am doing this for such a long term it is important that I keep the nutrients I am going to make it a point to make notes about things I like and I may even pitch some juice and try a new mix if I think I would have to "force myself" to drink it. I drank some coconut water yesterday, which also makes a lovely supplement.


  1. You likely DID lose all that weight in such a short time! It IS unbelievable.. but that's what happened to me... Now that I've started eliminating wheat... I recognize that weight loss! And according to my new MUST READ book, Wheat Belly... I agree that the appetite is SO much less when not eating wheat. I always contributed my decreased weight and appetite to the juice... and it might be that, too. BUT I'm trying to say you may not need those Chia seeds simply for belly fillers, because you'll feel GREAT with your juicing alone... I'm sure of it! You're doing GREAT already! What juicer are you using? I should tag along ... literally ;)
    Kitchen getting overhauled till next week... I should join you then!!
    We're also converting our dishwasher (space) over to a fridge for the extra veggies! WIsh we had the extra space that you have!
    I'm so excited for you, and I LOVE your Rawdiculous name!!! CUTE and clever!! ((hugs)) dawn

  2. DJ, So glad to see you here! :-)And thanks for your comments. It is so encouraging to talk with people in the process! I have yet to talk with you about your experiane last year! Too much time between us my friend.

    I use the Omega Vert (same machine as the Hurom). I talked about the comparison to the champion in another post's comments, but that might be a good post. :-)

    How exciting! You are getting another fridge. It really is wonderful, and with all those precious and willing helping hands you have - manuel dishes are no biggy - but you will be trading counter space won't you?! That would be the tuffy for me. :-) I found myself recently coveting my old (new) fridge we left in PA with the sale of the house. It was one of those double dood freezer on botton jobbies. SO SWEET! The side by side I have now is narrow and deep, I would love to replace it...but what I really need to do is, change my attitude and be thankful for it!! :-)

    I'll try to remember Wheat Belly, it is however, at the end of along list. :-)