Saturday, February 4, 2012

Juice Feast ~ Days 27 & 28

The last to days have been so packed (in a good way) that I just have not had a chance to sit down and update my juice journal. My cold still exists. I am really surprised it is not moving quicker.

Remember I mentioned trying the detox pads in those those other spots. Well I did do that Thursday night. I rapped both of my big toes in the pads (as those were the "points") related to the nose and sinus areas. I also put a pad (don't laugh - my husband did!) on the bridge of my nose between my eyes lower know in that sinus area, where I was experience all that painful pressure. When woke the pressure had been relieved. The pad on my forehead was clean, how ever the ones on both toes were full and "slimy". I meant to do it last night, but we were sleeping upstairs in the kids room (we had coming sleeping in the two rooms downstairs) and I forgot to get my detox pads out of my room. I also realized I only have one more application and need to order more! Anyway, today i had pretty bad sinus pressure again tonight I will do it again (even though I may not be able to "see it through" since I have run out), but I am hoping another night might "do the trick" or at least advance the process.

With having company over for our evening meal as we enter into Shabbat and than all day with a larger gathering (and lots of yummy food present)...I was glad that this was my last juice fasting Shabbat in this "round". "Breaking Bread" so to speak is so much apart of our culture, as I have mentioned before, that it is hard to not connect in that way. Even though 4 people present had juice fasted before, and were supportive and's just not the same. It was nice to be doing it with Ben I need be sure to tell him that (again). :-)

I juiced just before the sun went down, and put some in the fridge for breakfast and froze the rest of the day's. It worked perfectly with out getting bitter or "stale" like I have before. So that helped a lot. I also had some Emergen C. So I am satisfied with how that work for future, for any day that I may not able to juice. I may have lost some enzymes in the freezer, but I figure I am getting more nutrients than Master Cleanse. It is more satisfying to me too.

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  1. Sorry to hear you are still a bit under the weather :( I hope that lifts soon! So happy that next Shabbat you will be partaking in celebration with your family and friends- so exciting!! :) I still have a long ways to go. While you are still trying to lose weight/detox/cleanse let me encourage you to continue to juice a couple of consecutive days a week- that will really help you along that process I think. I read your blog every day btw ;)